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Family Selection Box


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    We are all about family here at Tittertons so this Selection Box is our absolute favorite. With Beautiful lean Pork Steaks, Homemade Burgers and a fantastic selection of Meat to make some scrummy mid-week meals, this box is amazing. We have Braising Steak for lovely Stews and Chicken Fillets for a Curry. Your Sunday Dinner is sorted with a choice of 3 succulent joints. Everything you need for a family of 4.


    400g of Extra Lean Mince
    400g of Fresh Chicken Fillets or Diced Chicken Fillets.
    400g of Lean Braising Steak
    1kg Prime Beef Roasting Joint, Pork Joint or a Large Roasting Chicken
    4 x Homemade Beef Burgers
    4 x Lean Pork Steaks 680g .min
    4 x 28 day Mature Ribeye Steaks 680g .min
    400g of any Sausages. All Pork with either (Beef, Leek, Chilli, Mexican, Blackpudding, Irish, Polish, Italian, Thin, Thick, Cumberland orApple)

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